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Lake Allatoona Striper Guide Service Testimonials

I know people work hard for their money, just like me. This is always in my mind when I head out on the water. It does me no good to go fishing when fishing is off. Then again, you're likely to get a phone call from me when fishing is hot! I work the seasons and am always focused on providing the best fishing trip conditions permit. Repeat patronage is my goal and I am very fortunate to have many great people in my program. These hard won relationships, many lasting for 10 years now, were built on trust and integrity. My pledge to you, the perspective client is this, I will not just take you on a boat ride. If fishing is bad, we reschedule to when its GOOD. Plain and simple.

I have been fishing with Captain Fred Duncan on Lake Allatoona several times and I will tell you this, he has never let me down. My testimonial goes back a few years when my Wife (God Bless That Woman!) purchased a fishing trip for me as a Valentine's Day present. She purchased the trip for me in February. Fishing was tough that year and it was several month's before I used the trip. I talked to Captain Fred every month to find out how the fishing was and if the fishing was tough...he would let me know. I respect that Captain Fred did not shoot me a line just to get me on the boat knowing that the fishing was not going to be prime. That is one of the main reasons why I choose Lake Allatoona Guide Service to this day when I want a solid fishing trip! Captain Fred will shoot you straight and if fishing ain't good...he'll let you know! When we finally got to go out fishing, it was a solid trip and we caught several Stripers, Hybrids and Spotted Bass! Thanks Captain! Jared N. - Acworth, Georgia

My name is Gary Shepherd, Fred likes to call me "Shad". I have fished Lake Allatoona for 25 years, I've really never had great success, I have caught my share of crappie, bass, and striper. About 10 years ago I had a client in town and he loves to fish. I picked Capt'n Fred at random... it was like striking gold. We put in at 6 am and by 6:20 we had a 25, and a 28 lb striper in the boat. We ended up catching 17 fish that day by 11 am , we quit because it was so hot. I have fished with Fred probably 50 times since then, not always caught a lot of fish, but never had a bad time. I very seldom recommend people for things, but if you want to fish with a great, hard working captain, Fred's your man. He's old school, he's a man of integrity. When I want to catch fish, and have a good time, I hook up with Capt. Fred... he's the best! Sincerely, Gary "Shad" Shepherd

Dear Fred, Thank you again for a wonderful fishing adventure. My organization has been using your guide service to entertain clients in Atlanta for over five years and every year the list of clients grows due to the fact that we land so many trophy fish. Your boat is well equipped for the comfort of our clients and the type of fishing we must do to get the big ones! You have kept my customers happy and kept my business going strong! Eric D. Cartersville, Georgia

Fishing Enthusiasts,If you or someone you know loves to get out every once in awhile to fish and enjoy the outdoors, then a few hours with Captain Fred Duncan is just what you/they need. Whether you are a novice or experienced, local or from Wisconsin (or further) Capt Fred knows just how to cure the need to hear that drag scream. Having first contacted the Capt for a solo trip in April of 2000 (and missing the Lake Allatoona Hybrid record by 7 ounces!), I have found my experiences so enjoyable I have continued to find reasons to come back (since moving back to Wisconsin) 22 or so more times. We have landed as many a 100 over 3 days and have mounted twin 28 pounders from a single trip. I can't express enough how much fun a trip with Fred can be - regardless your speed. Have a client, a child or grandchild, or a friend you wish to entertain? Fred is certain to hit a homerun. While it is fishing it will feel a lot more like CATCHING! Fred thank you for the friendship and all the memories - I look forward to many more! Todd Sivak Oconomowoc, WI

As we motored out from the Little River it was just getting light and the lake was flat calm; there was a heavy air of anticipation. Out of the blue, Fred suddenly cut the engine and we slowed down to a silent drift. As we watched on, Fred expertly set up 2 flatlines for us with monster sized live shad off the back of the boat. Within a minute, there was a splash and a fin appearing on the surface behind the bait my Dad was fishing, all our hearts skipped a beat. The striper then violently took the bait and ran, my Dad was hooked onto a runaway freight train. Everyone on the boat knew this was a big fish, after about 10 seconds the line went slack, the fish was gone. This all happened so quickly it left my Dad shaking, from that day on I was hooked on Stripers, I wanted to know more and to learn from the best. My Dad ended up a very happy man later that day when he landed stripers and hybrids up to 14lb.

That was our first trip with Fred in October 2004. Since that day I have fished with Fred many times. I have taken many friends and family members out with Fred too. They all thoroughly enjoyed his company and all caught good stripers and hybrids.

Fred is great at tuning into people and understanding their level of knowledge about fishing and stripers. Whether you are a total beginner, or non fisher, or a very experienced angler, Fred will meet your needs. With Fred you can either sit back and enjoy a relaxing fishing experience or get as involved as you want to. Fred's knowledge of Stripers and Striper fishing is second to none, he has years of experience chasing these fish and understands them thoroughly.

I highly reccomend you take a day out with Fred if you are in the Atlanta area, you will not be dissapointed.
Gordon Allison - Marietta, GA.

Knowledge. Honesty. Proven. That is what I think of when I think of Cap'n Fred. I could not recommend any greater, a fishing trip with this man. I have booked several trips with Fred over the years...all were successful. The advantage of using Fred is his friendliness, honesty and his focus on you having a good time, not just him looking good. You will not believe it is worth it, until you try a trip with Fred... but I promise, your first trip with him will not be your last. I am so glad I found Fred Duncan. I have learned more, caught more and had few times on the lake more entertaining and fun than when I go with Fred. Whether it be taking the family out, celebrating a special occasion, or entertaining a business client... I recommend you get the "Cap'n" experience. "FISH ON" will be a common phrase for your day!
Billy Wood - GA

To: Fred Duncan, Allatoona Guide Service
From: Scott Bernarde, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


I want to say thanks again for again proving to me and my readers that Lake Allatoona is far from the "Dead Sea," as it has been know as for far too long. I have fished with you for stories and for fun several times over the years, and we always have fun and ALWAYS catch fish. Your hard work in being prepared and knowledgeable is the reason why. You always beat me to the ramp and always have a tankful of shad (I've seen first-hand the effort you put into getting your bait). I was in your boat when I caught the biggest striper (25 lbs) and spotted bass (6 lbs) of my life.

I look forward to fishing with you again.
Scott Bernarde

Myself, my daughter and my girlfriend and another friend all went out with Captain Fred on Feb. 28th,2008 and caught so many fish it was incredible we caught hybrid stripers, stripers and white bass. It was an incredible experience and we have already scheduled a second trip, I tip my hat off to you Captain Fred for such an incredible experience and thank you for putting us on so many fish, can't wait to go again!