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Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 3/24/2008


The lake has come up significantly. The current level, as reported online, does not reflect the actual and true level. I would say, its well over 1 foot above the normal level of 840. The upper reaches are very stained and this extends to Victoria area and then begins to clear up significantly past Kellog creek. Lineside action has been at a medium boil. A daily average of around 15 fish per morning has been the norm this week. Big hybrids are making up the bulk of the catch. Our largest striper this week was a 14 lber. These fish have come from a combination of freelines, and downrods, using both threadfin and gizzard shad. These fish were very scattered 2 weeks ago but are now begining to school up in significant numbers. This was very noticeable yesterday and speaks to having a very good spring. Most fish are full of roe and will soon begin spawning activities once the water temp reaches the 60-65 degree mark. Current temp, as of yesterday, was 54. The spawn of the Morone species (all linesides) makes them extrememly vulnerable, as they are usually found bunched up by the hundreds in often, tight places. Gentlemen, our bloodfest with these fish will soon be on us. It will also be a time when a topwater stickbait will be absolutely obliterated early in the AM. There will be much work to do in the weeks ahead.....


The crappie fishing has been really good this year. However, with the cold weather lingering as it has, it has not been consistent. During warm spells, they move up into the shallow creeks (pre-spawn), then a cold front comes through and pushed them back into deeper water, only for the process to repeat itself. Once consistency of temperature comes in to play, it will be gametime for the crappie as they commit, en mass, to the spawn. They will become extrememly vulnerable during the April-May timeframe. Last year, I started to take advantage of the good crappie fishing on our lake. Over the past 25 years, I have noted where many of the hot holes where, during my lineside quests. Last year, I decided to put this knowledge (brushpile locations) to work on combination striper, crappie fishing trips. These trips were hugely successful. We would stripe fish til about 1000, break off and crappie fish with the tried and true minnow and bobbers! Loads of fun. What I like about this kind of fishing is that its going back to my roots. As a little boy, fishing bait under a float and bobber was the ultimate in fun and fascination. And you know something? I confess that even after landing MANY very large stripers on Allatoona and Lanier over the years, I'm still thrilled and fasinated when that quill type bobber begins its slow and meandering jouney out of sight when a slab is on the other end. Its still thrills me and I'm a 47 year old man! I just love it. Always will, til the bitter end.... Before I get philosophical with you guys, I just want to say this about myself. Fishing has been provided me, the only true consistent pleasure in my life. Thank God for it. For as some of you know, many pleasures are fleeting.... In a life of sometimes thunderous change, fishing has been a way for me to remain grounded and in touch with the natural world. And myself! Bottom Line, crappie fishing is loads of fun. And we will be in the thick of it.


Yes, catfish! Particularly, flatheads and channels... In recent years, I have had numerous people ask me about the catfishing in Allatoona. I have a few catfish only trips planned this year by several people. Here again, on many, many lineside quests, I have noted the areas, year in, year out, where these fish have been found concentrated. And caught, as a by product. As many of you know, there is'nt many species of fish in our lake that does'nt eat shad. The two species mentioned are two that I can most definately tell you on experience, will murder a live shad. My biggest flathead was a 23 lber that remains the unofficial lake record as it was released by its angler. Flatheads like moving water and are very seldom seem below the LittleRiver/Etowah confluence. I have boated in the lake, some of the most brillant colored channel catfish I have ever seen. They are the most underutilized fish in the lake and their numbers are vast. While rare to non existant before , efforts focusing strictly on these fish will be made this year in an exploratory fashion. Something I have never really done. Really focus on them and just see what can happen.

Greenfish (bass/spots)

Over the years, I have landed many bass while striper fishing. My largest largemouth was 8 1/2 lbs, caught with a gizzard shad on a downrod. My largest spot was a 6.2 lb also caught on a downrod. In recent years, I have noticed fewer and fewer largemouth and more spots. The spotted bass is a relentless predator and spawner, more aggressive than the largemouth and is no doubt, outcompeting the largemouth in our lake. Its hard for me to get interested in their expoitation, as I catch the dog crap out of them anyway, during certain times of the year. They, at times, represent more than just a token catch. Or an occasional by product. I've noted that most bass fisherman stay close to shore throwing lures to "structure" when in reality, the bigger greenfish inhabit much deeper water. Water that is the domain of the striper. While they may catch more numbers, the man fishing a downrod with a live shad in 40 ft of water, gets the size.....Only the larger greenies can afford to patrol and feed in water abundant with stripers that could otherwise devour any greenfish uder 1 1/2 lbs! And yes, stripers will prey on sunfish of all species. I have watched with my own eyes, stripers in open water killing a greenfish and crappie wounding them, until a big boy finally came to devour it. Fascinating. Greenfish are always on the table and many will be caught this year, believe it.

All in all Gents, the happy time for us fisherman is here. Lots of work ahead. I have many days open during prime time as of now. With fuel prices going though the roof, I have remained steadfast in refusing to reflect it in my cost, choosing to work smarter and operating more economically. The drought is a thing of the past. The lake is over full, while stained in some areas, we will soon settle down into the normal melee/bloodfeast that is our spring fishing. Bet one thing, I'll be in the heart of the action. Lake Allatoona has few secrets left for me with the linesides. While I don't know everything, its always gonna be 1st down and goal. Hope to see you guys. Good Luck in all endeavors, Cap'n Fred

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 3/13/2008
Fished today, put 22 in the boat. Mostly fat hybrids, a handful of stripers, biggest was 12 lbs. All caught using downrods except the big striper which came off a gizzard shad on a planer board. These fish are begining to school up and the outlook for this spring is exceptional. Most fish are holding over the main channel and are not relating to any particular structure. Concentrate on fishing mid lake, in any area that shows large shad schools. Good Luck, Cap'n Fred

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 3/09/2008
After a long winter, Lake Allatoona is finally dressing herself up with good fishing and LOTS of water. The drought is history folks. Have been averaging during the last week 8-20 stripers, hybrids, spots and white bass per trip. Most all have come on downrods live shad with a few picked up on freelines. Mid Lake seems to be the ticket right now, but this will change suddenly, soon enough, as spring temperatures and rising water levels shuffle the deck entirely. Also, the crappie fishing is kicking in big time. Lake Allatoona is loaded with these fish and they are showing up pretty strong in the creeks already. Hal flys tipped with minnows and just plain old bobber fished crappe minnows are producing nice catches of these tasty fish. Its going to be a strong year for Allatoona Guide Service and the fun is only begining. The Hybrids we are catching are the best looking year class fish I've seen in awhile. Good Fishing, Cap'n Fred

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 11/08/2007
Mid lake flats are producing great numbers of hybrid right now, the likes of which I have'nt seen in several years. With the drought shrinking the lake, we have a lot of fish in relatively smalll areas. Using live shad on downrods are still producing good numbers. The topwater bite is still in bloom for about the first 45 minutes.Once again, the sammy from bass pro in the texas shad color is working the best.

It truely is an early morning ballgame but during that time, the fishing can be non'stop. These fish love cooler water and are going crazy feeding on shad up on the flats. If you are staying home because of the water situation, you are missing out big time on some good fishing.

Allatoona Guide service has secured a marina slip for the winter months. No matter how low the water gets, we will be operational. I say, let it fall and say hello to a fishing scene unfolding into hyperdrive! Cap'n Fred

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 09/19/2007
On 9/9/07, I took Allan Iverson of the Denver Nuggets and rapper "Nelly" fishing for about an hour or so. This was not a serious fishing trip but a photo shoot for an upcoming video being put out by Reebok company. We boated several good fish and lost 6 more in that brief time. I was being shadowed the whole time by another boat full of camera & production people that stayed no less than 10-20 feet from us the whole time. We were fishing mid lake on some flats and I was very encouraged to see multiple schools of good fish along with some baitfish concentrations. It was a good set-up and with enough time and less noise/commotion, I'm sure we could've had a big day.

Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides - Nelly and Allan Iverson Striper Fishing Trip On Lake Allatoona!

Fall fishing on the "toona" is some of the very best of the year. Water temps are cooling rapidly and the fish are starting to congregate. The weather is comfortable also. The fall is barely edges out spring fishing in my book. Look for more of my reports as I relate the "Fall Smackdown" of striper fishing on Allatoona.

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 04/30/2007
Newest Thirty Pound Club Member!
Fishing this spring has been good and at times, very good for quality fish. Its been a roller coaster ride with the weather but have caught fish on every trip. The striper bite has been exceptional this year. The hybrids have also been of good quality but strangely hybrid numbers have been off so far. This will change as we enter the warmer months of May and June. Predictably very soon, the hybrid bite will go through the roof as we enter downrod season. My May dates are closing fast and have many good dates for the month of June. June I might add is one of the very best months of the year for numbers and action. All in all, good consistent fishing with loads of action is here.Cap'n Fred
Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides - Another Big Striper On the Line!

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 03/19/2007
New Thirty Pound Club Member!
Meet Mr Ray Taylor! Lake Allatoona's newest member of the Thirty lb club. Fishing mid lake, this 31.7 Hawg came on a freelined live gizzard laced with a 2/0 Owner octopus held by CUDA 15 ls test green mono. Congatulations Ray! My Spring Charters are starting to fill up as the fishing gets better, but I have several good dates left so get in touch with me if you want to experience some good striper fishing on Lake Allatoona! The Crappie bite is outstanding! During this particular trip I broke out the crappie rods and we caught several good crappie on minnows around brush piles! Good Fish'n Cap'n Fred Duncan
Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides - Big Striper On the Line! Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides - 32 Pound Striper in the water Lake Allatoona Fishing Guides - 32 Pound Striper in the water

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 10/31/2006
I have been waiting on the fall fishing to break and folks we are on the brink of some good fishing within the next week! Last week was a bust as the weather was not on the side of the fisherman! Things started to turn around a little on my Sunday trip when we boated 4 stripers. Went out Monday and caught more stripers and hybrids. As of today we caught good fish with 4 stripers going over the 10 pound mark. Things are definitely looking up and I am looking forward to a great November out on the lake. It is a great time to be on the lake fishing and seeing all of the leaves change colors. My Fall Charters are starting to fill up as the fishing gets better, but I have several good dates left so get in touch with me if you want to experience some good striper fishing on Lake Allatoona! Good Fish'n Cap'n Fred Duncan

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: 10/08/2006
Went out the last couple of days and we have become victims of a quick cold snap that has the fish up and down.We caught a 4 lb hybrid bass and a 3 lb striper, 2 small spots in the mouth of Kellogg Creek. We fished hard from first light until after lunch. All of our fish came after 11am. Tough going in the early part of October, but things will be looking up very shortly as the lake goes through the "Turn Over". The middle of October and beyond is my best times on the lake. It is a great time to be on the lake fishing and just enjoying the scenery as the leaves change. Fishing will be getting better in the next week or so, so if you need to plan a trip on Lake Allatoona and experience the Autumn leaves, then send me an e-mail or give me a call, my Fall Charters are starting to fill up, so don't be left on the bank when the action starts!

Lake Allatoona Fishing Report For Date: July 2006
Linesides are still king! Catching both hybrids and a limited number of stripers early in the morning on live shad, bream, spottail minnows. Look for breaking fish by Red Top and Dam area, on into Stamp, down to Galts Ferry. Have a small Pop'R ready to fling. But as always, live bait puts-em in the cooler-fast... Focus on reef marker poles very close to deep water.

Greenfish are mean, hungry and on the prowl! Allatoona spot fishing right now is on FIRE! Early morning topwater, mid morning on, shallow cranks and soft plastics fished in 40 ft near brush. I've got a few floating rapala's with missing paint from spots blasting them.

Bream & Crappie fishing is very good. I've recently had a stong desire to be a kid myself real soon. That means breaking out the B&N 11 ft crappie rods, some crickets and fishing some marina tires for bream with a old time bobber and all that good stuff. Now thats fishing! And to think how many times I've been pressed to use them as bait lineside fishing..... I want to get back to some basics, thats the best way I know how.

Catfish are on fire! We caught one this morning 12 lbs. Thats a damn good size channel right there. Fought hard, thought it was a stripe.